Hey gorgeous, I'm Emily :) thanks for stopping by! 
After years of working in positions that didn't fully light me up, from a make-up artist, to marketing for startups and sales training in fashion, I finally plucked up the courage to create Silks and Stars and follow my dream. 
The brand started as a refuge. A place I could go to get totally lost in the creativity and the online community and forget about the worries of everyday life. But as it grew, the reason for starting the brand become clearer. I wanted people to feel good about themselves, to give people the confidence to stand up tall no matter what life threw at them. 
I noticed the link between what I was wearing and how I felt very early on. I can recall so many times where I would avoid interacting with people just because the top I was wearing that day made me feel frumpy or I felt self-conscious in the dress I had on. Clothing is an extension of our self-expression and personality. When you're wearing something you feel great in and it is authentic to you, you feel like you can take on world.
So that's my mission, to make people feel like they can take on the world. I believe - and know - self confidence is life changing so I'm here to encourage people to find theirs because everyone is worthy of feeling good about themselves.
Confidence and self-worth is skin deep but we all know the power of a good outfit can make you feel like you can take on the world.
Each and every piece is curated and designed with you in mind. I use only the highest quality materials and I always strive to create timeless yet unique styles that you can wear again and again for seasons to come.
Lastly, I pour my heart and soul into every aspect of Silks and Stars so thank you for being here and supporting my business.
Much love, 

Emily xx