Ever been scrolling through instagram only to be left feeling deflated, anxious and uninspired? Me too!

That's why I have picked 5 of my favourite instagram creators to share with you.  All of which help keep me feeling empowered and inspired on a daily basis - enjoy!

1.  @wetheurban - I am obsessed with this account! Not only is their content ON POINT and exactly what I need to hear every time (how do they do that!?) but I love their use of colour and imagery. So simple but so effective! If there is only one account you follow today - this has to be it! 


2. @alex_elle - Alex was actually one of the first instagram accounts I followed when I first joined instagram all those years ago! She has the most beautiful way with words and is a talented author. Her page and all her posts have a very calm and soothing energy to them which I love, alongside her beautiful words and reminders. 


3. @themantraco - Another account I LOVE! This account is focuses on intertwining self-empowering mantras with astrological readings. Astrology and horoscopes have always fascinated me so I enjoy reading the daily updates on my sign (I'm a pisces btw!). I also find reading my horoscope can often be encouraging and help to give me the little boost I need.


4.@happsters - Empowering quotes and cute animals - what more do you want? This wholesome and lighthearted account is sure to brighten your mood if you're having a bad day. The perfect balance of memes and helpful reminders to keep your happiness a priority during this time.  

3. @earthpix - For me, nothing makes me feel more grounded and calm than surrounding myself with nature. When this isn't possible (now more than ever) looking at pictures and videos of the beauty of the natural world helps give me some perspective on life. It is also a proven theory that nature lowers feelings of stress and anxiety - hence why David Attenborough's programmes are so popular!