8 Reasons I Love to Shop From Small/Independent Brands

Photo credit: @hebecandles

With the time to support small businesses and independents brand more important than ever, I wanted to share 8 reasons why I personally love to shop independently. Like me, you may already love to shop from independents or maybe this is your first time. Either way, hopefully this blog will help shed a little light on why it's important and make you think twice about where you choose to spend your money.


1. First and foremost, like to give my money to people I like. I work hard for my money as do you, and I like to be able to see exactly where and who it's going to. By shopping independently you get to see exactly who/what your money is supporting. This reason alone should be enough to explain to persuade but I shall continue anyway :) 

2. The personal touch. I love the receiving the personal touches independents work so hard to create for their customers. There are no cookie cutter replies or copy and paste emails. They see and treat their customers like individuals we are. 

3. Originality. I like to buy things that feel a bit different, abit special. Some independents may have a brand new idea, but most are probably selling something you have seen before. I love how independents can create a brand new meaning and story behind a product you may have seen a hundred times, completely changing your perception it. 

4. Support Entrepreneurs. Going out on your own and starting a business is NOT easy. Every purchase and sale makes all the blood, sweat and tears behind building a brand all worth it.

5. Sustainability. Independents tend to have more sustainable practices and ethical ways of working. Smaller scale business have more control over the processes and are more likely to have sustainability at the forefront of their business. 

6. Customer service. They never forget the importance of the customer so will go above and beyond for them. They put a great deal of time and effort into talking to and meeting all of their customers needs. If in the event of an issue, you can trust to problem will be resolved quickly and with understanding. 

7. Individuality. You are able to buy from a brand that meets your individual values and needs. 

8. Support the local economy.  Giving business to local people with real lives and supporting their livelihood feels great. It paths the way for future generations and innovations, helping to give local people jobs and opportunities that they might not have had otherwise.